FOUNDED - 1939

Roxy Music was founded in 1939 by Ray Ratajik and Paul LeResch. Both played in local area band venues and realized the need for a local musical instrument store. Ray played clarinet, and Paul was a trumpet player, and later actually built trumpets to sell at Roxy Music. Both were very talented, and well known in the northern Indiana and southern Michigan areas. The very first location of Roxy Music was at the corner of Indiana and Lincolnway in downtown La Porte. Roxy Music was one of three other establishments in the huge "Roxy Theater" plaza on the corner. For those who say we got our name from the music group "Roxy Music," well, take a look at the pic of the Roxy Theater.
Roxy Music soon outgrew the location in the theater plaza and moved down the block to a bigger location. A couple years after that, Roxy Music moved across the street to the present location at 1012 Lincolnway. The 50's and 60's brought in the era of the guitar and the heyday of the guitar. For more than four decades Roxy Music flourished and became a staple in La Porte, Indiana, carrying everything musical. In 1982 Jerrald Kabelin, the owner of Kabelin Hardware, located next door to Roxy Music, went into Roxy Music to rent a flute for his daughter Kris. Talking to Ray and Marg Ratajik, Mr. Kabelin learned that they were looking to retire. So, Mr. Kabelin walked out that day as the new owner of Roxy Music.
Since 1982, Roxy Music has grown from a 2000 sq ft shop to one of La Porte's largest downtown stores and one of the largest music stores in Northwest Indiana. It is a 9000 sq ft store now that ships all across the USA and to many other countries around the world.

Welcome to Roxy Music!

Roxy Music brings you Fender, Takamine, Martin, Taylor, Ovation, Squier and Washburn acoustic guitars. Fender, Squier, PRS, Gretsch, EVH, Jackson, Washburn and Ibanez electric guitars. Fender, Peavey, Ibanez bass guitars for sale as well. Fender amps.
Explore our online guitar store, where you'll find a full line of electric guitars like the Fender® Stratocaster and many others. If you're looking for a product you don't see, give us a call. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is eager to serve you. Roxy Music is committed to providing you with the product you want, at the best price possible, as soon as possible.
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Pictured left to right: Matt Moore, Betsy Kabelin Parkison, Kris Kabelin Moore (flute player), Diana Kabelin Corley, & Jerrald Kabelin. All owners of Roxy Music and Kabelin Ace Hardware.