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Alhambra 2F Solid Red Cedar Top Nylon String Flamenco Guitar w/Soft Case


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Alhambra 2F Solid Red Cedar Top Nylon String Flamenco Guitar w/Soft Case

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The 2F model is a wonderful guitar. Finished with open pore varnish and with a solid cedar top, its sonority will draw your attention. Very powerful and with a truly flamenco sound.

In this model, the design has been especially careful and also the simplicity, together with an excellent quality. The 2F is a good option for beginners, with excellent value for money.

Melamine is used for the saddle and the nut, a material that transmits the sound a lot and offers a round, very balanced sound.

In addition, Alhambra uses the ergoneck neck, a narrower one, made of Mahogany, which makes this model a very comfortable instrument.

In the words of Carlos Piñana

Carlos Piñana: “The first time I took the guitar in my hands when I plucked the first note, it took me back to my childhood. There were some guitars in my house and my father and my grandfather used to play them and the truth is that I feel that I am back to my roots, my tradition…and playing a guitar that brings to me that tradition, that root, that deep feeling that intoxicates me, such as remembering, my grandfather, my father when they used to play these guitars and meeting again with that sound, through this guitar… it is an incredible feeling and I cannot find the words to express it.”

Open pore finish

The open pore provides an instrument with less weight and as you can see, an instrument of great beauty.

The light weight is very interesting for the little ones because they have to carry it to get around and this weight reduction is very important.

Features and options

  • TOP: Solid Red Cedar
  • SIDES & BACK: Sycamore
  • NECK: Mahogany
  • FINGERBOARD: Indian Rosewood
  • MACHINE HEADS: Nickel Plated
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