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Cherub WMT-250 Metro Tuner Digital Metronome and Tuner


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WMT-250 Recording Metro-Tuner

The Cherub WMT-250 is a metro-tuner with recorder function that allows you to record up to 13 hours when the power is full. It uses rechargeable battery which power can be charged from USB or generated by hand.

WMT 250 Metro Tuner: Tuner combined with a metronome for guitar, bass, violin and ukulele, with the tuning range A0 (27.5 Hz) ~ C8 (4,186 Hz), the possibility of chromatic tuning and recording. Automatic tuner offers precision of tuning ± 1 cent, mic/line-in method to detect and LCD. The tone generator operates within tuning range of 2A ~ 6A in the accuracy ± 0.5 cent.


  • Tuning Range: A0(27.5Hz)~C8(4186Hz)
  • Tuning Mode: Chromatic Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele
  • Tuning Precision: ±1 Cent
  • A4 Range: 430 ~450Hz
  • Detection Method: Mic, Line-In
  • Display Mode: LCD Display
  • Tuning Method: Auto


  • Beat: 0~6
  • Tempo Range: 30~250 bpm
  • Tempo Precision: ±0.3%
  • Metronome Sound: Electronic Sound

Tone Generator: 

  • Reference Tone Range: 2A~6A
  • Reference Tone Precision: ±0.5 Cent

Recording Function:

  • Recording Time: 13 Hours
  • Recording Quality: 16bit/44.1kHz
  • Channel: Mono
  • Recording Format: WAV
  • Playback Format: WAV, Mp3
  • SNR: 70dB
  • Polar Pattern: Uni-Directional
  • Transmission Interface: USB
  • Battery: Lithium Battery
  • Charging Method: Hand power generation, USB
  • Storage Capacity: 4G
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