Demo Zildjian 18" K Custom Fast Crash
Demo Zildjian 18″ K Custom Fast Crash
January 12, 2018
Demo Zildjian 17" K Dark Thin Crash
Demo Zildjian 17″ K Dark Thin Crash
January 12, 2018

Demo Zildjian 15″ K Light Hi Hat Pair


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*This is in mint condition. Is a store display model.K Zildjian cymbals continue to inspire drummers today with their deep, warm, and expressive sounds developed by Kerope Zildjian in 19th Century Turkey. Elaborate hammering and lathing techniques work the Zildjian alloy into versatile cymbals that are dark yet well suited for a wide variety of musical genres from jazz to rock.
Zildjian is proud to offer 15″ sized hihats in the K Light range. These oversized models offer more volume and lots of “wash” for a “sloshy” feel. These hihats are perfect for rock, jazz, country, or anything else you throw at them.

Low Pitch
Dark Sound
General Volume
Medium Thin Weight
Medium Weight
Size: 15″

HiHat key: Pair

Top: Medium Thin Weight
Bottom: Medium Weight

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