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Fender Dual Marine Layer Reverb


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Fender and Reverb – name a more iconic musical duo. Fender’s Dual Marine Layer allows you to add even more dimension to your sonic arsenal. Featuring two independent footswitchable settings, three unique reverb algorithms allow the user to create multiple soundscapes. The sustain switch generates massive atmospheric creations for an out-of-this-world tonal experience.

Designed by Fender’s in-house tone gurus, the Dual Marine Layer is an all-original Fender circuit. The chassis is crafted from lightweight, durable anodized aluminum, and the LED-backlit knobs show your control settings on a dark stage at a glance.


  • Beautiful Marine Layer reverb sounds
  • Two Presets/Channels
  • Sustain Footswitch
  • Analog dry path
  • LED backlit knobs
  • Lightweight durable anodized aluminum construction
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