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May 10, 2019
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May 11, 2019

Tama HS80LOW Roadpro Low Profile Snare Stand


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The HS80LOW snare stand features a new snare basket which allows the snare drum to be positioned 100mm lower than the HS80W stand.

TAMA’s patented toothless Quick-Set Tilter marks another TAMA advancement in hardware. Relying on basic principles of physics, the Quick-Set Tilter holds its position using the friction of six smooth metal disc plates instead of traditional toothed gears, so you can adjust it to any desired angle. This mechanism also has a more durable structure than a conventional gear tilter.

Since the foot pedal can be rotated around the the dual leg base, the Swivel Foot feature greatly expands floor space and set-up flexibility.

TAMA’s new Glide-Tite Grip Joint allows for a more secure attachment by using a metal-to-metal contact point. This provides an extremely solid anchor and complete isolation for a tom or cymbal. Because the stand does not move with the instrument, the natural resonance of that instrument is maximized.

HS80LOW Features:

•For 12″ to 15″ Diameter Snare Drums
•28.6mm Diameter Base Section Tubing
•Low Position Setting Basket
•Quick-Set Tilter
•Gride-Tite Grip Joint
•Double Braced Legs
•Weight: 3.3kg (7.4lbs)
•Height Adjustment Range: 385mm – 530mm (15 3/16″ – 20 7/8″)

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